I remember taking a “non-recruiting” walk with Patrick in December 2012. I was hell-bent on starting another company, but since my last day at Twitter that March, the only company I would have considered joining was Stripe.

Square was the other prominent payments company at the time. I sent them my resumé in 2009 but never heard back. I was so convinced that the two companies were on a collision course. It seemed so obvious that Square should add online payments to their suite of offline tools. When I brought this up with Patrick, he said he wasn’t worried. He said that, “doing this well requires focus, and they’re working on too many things. …

Helping you build stronger connections with the writers and publications you love

For millions of people, Medium’s mobile app is their window to discover and read stories from writers they trust and subject-matter experts across a wide variety of topics. Our app was originally designed around an infinite feed of stories, which makes it simple to scan headlines and tap one that captures your attention or piques your interest. Every story you read is input into an algorithm to help recommend stories you might want to read next. …

Every day people publish thousands of stories on Medium, sharing thoughts or ideas that matter, with the world. Many of them spark important conversations via responses, which imbue stories with additional details and perspectives. One problem is, these conversations live on a separate page — they’re out of context and difficult to follow.

Today, we’re fixing that. As part of a broader effort to reimagine how readers connect with writers and each other on Medium, we’re excited to launch an update to responses.

Previously, reading responses took you to a separate page like this:

Image for post
Image for post

Now, when you read through or participate in a conversation on Medium, you’ll be greeted with a fresh design, which unifies a story and the discussion happening around it. …


Russ d'Sa

Leading product at Medium, building Watercooler, advising Facemoji. Early Twitter and 23andMe engineer. YC07 founder.

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